How best to determine ratio of Build / Deploy engineers.

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How have others solved the resourcing justification for Build / Release engineers? Based on number of supported developers? number of tools? number of deployments? are there base line ratios or other industry standards based on specific products or supported platforms?

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It will not only depend on the size of team , number of different types of builds running viz. daily, nightly , monthly etc. and also differnt kinds of streams running in production for which patches may be applied anytime. We were toltal 3 guys suppoting a team of 100+ developers subdivided to different teams working on indivudual modules . Suitation was very tight for us since we being occupied with some or other build issues.

Whatever be the size of team, I prefer to have centralized Build Team across the company since apart froom it helps in common toolset being used , support team in this scenario is big in size and knowledge sharing is pretty much easier there.

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It also depends on how mature your build, configuration, and deploy scripts are.  A start up with nothing will require more resources than a mature set-it-and-forget scenario.  We have one release engineer for a ~25 engineering group.  Our build kits are very mature so we are focusing now on expanding automated regression testing as part of the nightly build (i.e. selenium grid).

Even with a set-it-and-forget scenarion, there is always something to work on or improve.



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