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I am about to migrate a software library from Visual SourceSafe to Dimensions 2009R1, are there any problems I should be aware of?

I assume the best idea is to put the migrated VSS into its own product. I ask this because I also have a migration of Serena ChangeMan into the same database and I may be requested to put both migrations into the same product.


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There is no need to put the VSS migration into a different product from the ChangeMan migration. I would certainly use a seperate Project/Stream and Design Part however.

The main reason to use a different product is if you want the process to be very different, or if you want to be able to hid a whole product for security reasons.


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Hi Stephen. Hi Tim.

Steve, I agree with Tim... You might want a separate repository & product that you can debug & re-migrate to. A big issue is Dimensions upload rules. On large projects with many extensions, they rarely work as expected... It might look like you've successfully uploaded. But, you may actually be missing files. Dimensions thinks it has correctly interpreted the upload rule. So, it doesn't throw an error. So, upload often requires rule debugging, cleaning out the item repository & re-execution.

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Hi Tim/Michel,

Thanks for the information about the use of Product, Project and Design Part. Currently looking at the process being used and were they want to be. Currently several team areas which may or may not go through the release process, which they should. So, as you've stated, the way forward is one Product with each team area being a separate Design Part and Project. So will also help because there are separate PR systems to be included.

The Upload Rules are going to be a big big problem. With a VSS and ChangeMan migration involved. Currently have 500+ file extension types! So one of my next tasks is to read up on DMCLI and the us of Javascripts.


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