File change report for stream since date

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Tom_Mack asked on May 23, 2011 - 11:32am | Replies (2).

We are currently using ClearCase UCM for our source control tool and I have been given a simple request that I am having trouble with.

I need to create a weekly report that will include a list of all files that have changed in a particular stream since a defined date. I have been able to produce such a report in other source control tools such as Perforce or MKS Source Integrity quite easily. ClearCase has given me a headache with this request.

I don't want duplicates if there are multiple check-ins nor do I want the files broken down by activity.

Any ideas? Thanks!

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Can you give some more details of your need ?

Like: What commands have you tried ? In what scripting language you try to write ?

It sounds like you need to play with some of the ClearCase "ls<command>" commands and do some string maniuplation on it to get your data.

Try this site to get all CC CLI commands help -

Please publish your outcome here, it sounds like an interesting stuff that might be helpfull to others (like me :-))


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martina replied on May 24, 2011 - 7:32pm.

the following is just typed form memory, so it mayneed a tweak
ct find _vobtag_ -branch "brtype(stream)" -version "created-since(_date_)" -print

or instead of print
-exec "echo \$CLEARCASE_PN"
| sort | uniq

if you are on win, its %CLEARCASE_PN" and you'll have to do something else about the sort and uniq


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