Does anyone have a structured Parallel Development process with Harvest?

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sajjadmehdi asked on March 19, 2012 - 7:14am | Replies (3).

I would need some reference document with which Parallel Development process can be acheived.

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We attempted it in our shop back at SCM verion 5.1, but it was painful. The process was custom built using scripts running as UDPs.

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You could accomplish this by allowing concurrent checkout, so several users can checkout an item for update. This also means all 'branches' versions (created by every concurrent chackout) have to merged into the main 'trunk' before a package can be promoted to the next state or view. This could be a very error prone and daunting task.

Concurrent checkout and (interactive) merge only works with (ASCII) text files.

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HAMielsch replied on June 19, 2012 - 6:27am.

For parallel development we use the Harvest-Projects.

We establish a project (as a branch of the whole repositories) based on a snapshot from our "mainstream" (that is t he Harvest-project going productive).
From time to time we update this branch cross project merge from the next productive release.

This way we develop several projects at a time in parallel. When the project is maure enough for real life, we do a cross project merge back in the "mainstream" just in time for the next release.

We avoid in the mainstream concurrent checkouts and try to avoid branched versions as well to reduce the the amount of dependencies between the packages.

Works fine, but generates a lot of Harvest-propjects ;)


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