Configuration Management Business Cases - any suggestions of real measurable parameters that can support these business cases?

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David Clarke asked on April 8, 2015 - 10:32am | Replies (2).

I'm looking for any suggestions anybody might have of real parameters that are mesurable and could be used to improve the quality and robustness of Configuration Management Business Cases to encourage the adoption of CM as early as possible in new programmes and projects

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this is a great question and I am sure that you could get many different answers. I view the best business case as the agility to build, package and deploy applications, patches and also infrastructure as often as necessary. Ensuring reliability and security are very closely related and of paramount importance. What else do you think is a good business case?

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I guess I've a numbr of thoughts on this like, for instance, the realtionship to Quality, Risk, and Process.

For example a lack of CM integration with Business Processes can cause many issues.

However, people seem to have difficulty in understanding that CM touches (or should touch) just about everything that goes on in a programme or project and they fail to understand the role CM has to play and therefore cannot assign a cost of not having it and put programme/project failings/overruns/etc. down to bad process and organization rather than lack of CM which causes the process to fail.

So I'm looking for parameters/measures to try & separate the two and try and derive some measurable values to build the case for CM.



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