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Caolan Dix asked on May 21, 2013 - 4:04pm | Replies (1).

Hello all,

I have a question regarding SCM tools.

Some history, we've been having issues with SVN merges where it loses code. It is not common, but it happens often enough that we lose a great deal of engineering time and confidence in our releases.
 None of us are novices at this so we have determined this to be a tool issue, not PEBCAK.

We have a cross platform (Linux and .NET) build environment executing N/ant scripts with CI done in Hudson/Jenkins. The tools need to work as plugins to Eclipse for Linux, and Visual Studio for Windows.

We have reviewed git, perforce, Accurev, and TFS. For various reasons (mostly the cost wrt the latter three) mgmt has rejected these. We have 25 developers in our shop split between two teams.

I am wondering if anyone has done a side-by-side compare and contrast of the various SCM tools most commonly used so that I can go to our management who are writing the checks, and the developers who will be using the products to make an educated decision.


My experience is with SVN, Serena, PVCS, Perforce, and Accurev.

I have done searches myself and found some information, and I understand this is a huge thing to ask as well, but any input or links to the data needed is appreciated. I am trying to round out my data set.

Thank you,


Caolan Dix

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Hi Caolan,

this is a bit of a moving target as there have been some pretty cool developerments with CM tools. But I would be glad to have this discussion online with you.

Can you start by listing five to ten requirements in order of importance to you?
You listed 25 developers and .net as one of your platforms. I find .net developers love TFS.

IBM Rational Team Concert is also free for up to ten users.

Lots of companies love Git and Subversion has a huge following as well.

You are right on that Subversion merges can be an issue.

Bob Aiello, Technical Editor

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