In ClearCase, is there a command line Join Project?

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Elyahu Eaton asked on March 14, 2011 - 8:32am | Replies (2).

I need to do a join project in a command line, so it can be part of a script. I found no CLI for it.

Anyone did it ? Or, something like:

1. Create stream acording to several pears of component/baseline. menaning:
component1, baseline1
component2, baseline2
2. Create view on that stream

Doing it with joinporject GUI is great, but I need it to be transparent to the user, so he will only chose the pears.


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Joining a project is really just creating a view in a stream.
CLI: "cleartool mkview -tag view-tag -stream [email protected]/PVOB -stgloc -auto"
This assumes the Admin set up default view storage areas.
The user or a script you write will need to identify a stream.


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Basically you're right.

But as I stated in the starting message, I need to create the stream that will be based on several baselines which are not the recomended ones and on different components.

So my create stream command should be something like -

cleartool mkstream -in integration_stream -baseline baseline2 -baseline baseline4 new_development_stream

Then I need to create the view based on that stream

cleartool mkview -snapshot -stream new_stream -tag new_view_name

Now I know what to do here, my questions are:
1. if someone did it before ?
2. Is there an option for "clearjoinproj" command to be executed as a CLI ?

Thanks again,

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