Can we change Synergy port values to open behind firewall

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singh asked on March 29, 2012 - 1:57pm | Replies (2).

I have a machine behind a firewall I wish to connect to our Synergy server (6.4).

Which ports do I need to have punched open to allow this ?

I so far have :-

flexlm standard port
5412 - router
8830 - esd
objreg - ?? this has a different value on 2 different servers when checking with ccm monitor

Is there also any way of changing these port values or are they hardcoded?


2 Answers

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Port 5412 is the router port. It is prompted for at installation time, and you can change it later by stopping the Synergy server and daemons, editing the $CCM_HOME/etc/.router.adr file, and then restarting the daemons and server.

If you assign a fixed port for the object registrar, you will have to stop and restart the object registrar daemon, or restart all the daemons.

The ESD port is also changeable. It's defined in the $CCM_HOME/etc/esd.adr file. One of the tech notes described above covers this.

Synergy 6.4 has been out of standard support for some years. Currently supported releases include 7.1, 7.1a and 7.2. Synergy 7.1 onwards supports web mode, and this makes it easier to deploy when firewalls are involved.

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singh replied on April 5, 2012 - 3:26pm.

Thanks for the replies and links - I now have it working.

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