Can someone give me any tips to improve ClearQuest web performance?

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We have installed CQ 7.0.1 on Win2003. We do notice that CQ is responding vey slow while navigating the states.

We are using Apache web server and i do see that there are 252 threads of apache are running.

Kindly let me know if there are any performance tips.


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Any chance you can upgrade to 7.1.2? there were huge improvements in the web performance & interface in this version.

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Hi Kiran,

Please try the following tips that might improve the performance of Web CQ:

1. Verify the Windows Firewall settings and rules. Too many rules can slowdown the CQ processes. Try to eliminate unneccessary rules.

2. If traffic on the CQ or web server is too heavy, then its a good practice to load balance them. Normally, the CQ "states" are stored in the backend database - so depending on the painpoints, it might make sense to load balance at  the database level.

3. Configure IBM CC and CQ on a standalone server or atleast create a separate network domain for CQ to avoid any clashes between other app server processes.

4. If CQ Clients will have to resolve too many IP addresses before reaching the server, then it can delay the communication. So, it is better to design a simple client-server topology.

5. Try to configure proxy servers which can reduce the turnaround times and also reduce the traffic on the parent CQ servers.

Hope this helps!

~ Pradeep


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