Can I integrate BMC Remedy IT Service Management with CA-SCM?

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ne02886 asked on June 29, 2012 - 7:27pm | Replies (2).

Does anyone have any experiance or heard of anyone integrating BMC Remedy Service Desk with CA-SCM?

2 Answers

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You probably want to check with the vendor to see if they have an already developed integration. But here is a link to the BMC integrations and you can review the API.

I will tweet this out and see if I can get some more responses for you.

Bob Aiello
Technical Editor, CM Crossroads

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We' ve done this. We've write a PERL script called in a post-link of a Promote Process. The script sent an email at the Remedy Server, that contain a text parsed in a XML form...After that Remedy open automatically a remedy to the user (or group) indicated in the text of the email

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