Best cloud migration service providers in India?

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Alliance Pro asked on August 9, 2017 - 6:12am | Replies (0).

Alliance Pro IT is rapidly growing provider of Best cloud migration service and support offering a wide range of IT Services to meet our customers growing needs. We are focused on providing services around Enterprise Solutions, Custom solutions and Business Intelligence solutions.  We help our customers implement these solutions through our skilled consulting services, implementation services, application management services and through infrastructure management services. 


Alliance Pro helps you in bringing down the entire array of cloud computing sphere to your availability. For all the conventional local data centers your business has got, Alliance Pro successfully takes them onto the Cloud.

We have adopted a customized approach to assimilate cloud computing services to our clientele. We take up each client of ours on a personal basis, observe, analyze and understand the clients’ requirements and confinements. This is how we develop a tailor-made data migration plan to the Cloud.


There is a wide range of servers for which we offer Cloud Computing services. It is for all these servers we offer IT infrastructure migration at Alliance Pro:

• Enterprise Servers

• Email Servers

• Database Servers

• Backup Servers

• Datacenter Servers

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