Are there solutions to performance problems using ClearCase over VPN?

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bluemoon asked on August 2, 2012 - 12:00am | Replies (2).

I have performance problem with ClearCase over VPN.

I don't see problem with dynamic views on AIX. However, rebase/deliver for snapshot views on windows over VPN is extremely slow.

I would be interested in hearing if anyone's having the same issue and what are the solution.

Currently we are using cleracase version 8.

2 Answers

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I've never seen good ClearCase performance over VPN with the traditional client. VPN typically means WAN and ClearCase doesn't work well over WAN. Even with snapshot views.

Usually, if you need to use VPN access to work with ClearCase, you're better off with the CCRC client.

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We dealt with the same issues of performance over VPN. At one point I opened a ticket with IBM on the issue, and was told that they did not support ClearCase over VPN and that we were on our own.

We started using CCRC to overcome the problem. Using CCRC has been so successful that most of my developers are using CCRC as their standard ClearCase client and have abandoned ClearCase Explorer and dynamic views

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