Anyone out here that has (admin) experience with Serena Dimensions?

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Per Lundborg asked on February 16, 2011 - 10:43am | Replies (2).

Reason for asking is that we now have a site that runs SD while the rest of the sites are on CM Synergy since long, and we want to start to learn of the possibilities of migrating from SD to CMS...

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mdc replied on February 17, 2011 - 3:58am.

I don't know SD, and migration sounds like problems, unless there is a tool from one of the vendors. The basic problem is, that the mental model behind SD resp. Synergy probably is different. Tasks and baselines may exist in both worlds, but with different semantics. So automatic import will definitely loose some information.

Our approach when moving to Synergy was, to identify a handful or less of releases/tags/labels/"whatever they are called" for each product, that we wanted to be able to maintain. (Remember to identify common subprojects, and migrate them only once.)

These kits were then copied to a file system, migrated into Synergy and baselined, one at a time in the same sequence they were created. (Use separate target releases.) So, in the Synergy world only the file versions that are in a release/label/whatever exist. But it is possible to do maintenance on an old version if necessary.

Hope this helps
Mogens Dybæk Christensen
MAN Diesel & Turbo

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Those are very similar to my thoughts.

As our office is part of a larger site that will continue to use DM, the old stuff will still be available on a as-needed basis I guess.

But I was still hoping for some magical wand of experience out here :-)

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