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Does anyone have any experiance or heard of anyone integrating BMC Remedy Service Desk with CA-SCM?

How does everyone like the new CM Crossroads website?

Bob Aiello
Editor in Chief

I am using the JHSDK jar available in ths installation directory of CA to write a java program for an automation project.


I am using the below Java code to select the packages from ACEDEV13.06.00.00 from SW Development view and promoting it to next stage 'Integration Test(AIT)'.


Java Code:


JCaContext context = harvest.getContext();

boolean approve = context.setApprove("Approve"); //Exception @ this line is E0309000d: ERROR: Could not get Process.

boolean promote = context.setPromote("Promote");


Hi,What is a good source control tool for stand-alone scripts(shell, perl etc)? svn is at the project level,not file based.

I have a Lead Change & Configuration Management Administrator job description that I'd like to post on your site. Is that possible?  Interested candidates could contact me at [email protected]

If this isn't the right forum I apologize!  Below in the description. 






I am trying to find out the projects which are in state integrate and have a specific purpose by specific user  I tried the command:

ccm query -o <user_id> -t project -state integrate

This command gives me all the projects which are in integrate state and owned by the user. But, I am unable to further filter this command to give me only the list of projects with purpose=Integration Testing.

Any suggestion ?

Thanks and Regards,


What is the difference between serena dimensions & PVCS ..Are they both same or are they the prodcut of different owner?


Hi everyone,

does anyone know of a tool to convert PVCS to TFS (including history)?

Bob Aiello


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