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I have a large group of projects that are set to use a particular user group for approval and notifications.

I need to switch them to use a different existing group.  

Can we have the "word verification" added to the same page as the answers? It is a two step process now and is annoying. Especially since it takes several seconds between screens on this website

can anyone help me? I'm shold exporting data from Microsoft Excel document and importing them into ClearQuest version 7.1.....there is some tutorial that explain the procedure to importing data into ClearQuest 7.1 from Ms Escel?

Thanks to all....

I have a development background, but haven't written code in over ten years. Our shop is primarily C++.

I was able to lock one of our VOBs awhile back and now want to unlock it. How do you unlock it? ClearCase seems to think it no longer exists.

What importance does you company put on the usability of its products? Do they focus on desinging and testing for usability?

If not, why not?

Question title may not be specific enough and I feel like I could right a book but I'll try to keep it concise.


Configuration example Freight configurations (3 tables)


First process attempt:


Resource took BA configuration Word document that came out of system study


Resource wrote SQL and XML patches and checked them into source control


Above step was initial configuration of the customer's application data


Hi All,

There is a requirement in our project. Is it possible to recursively do diff with previous version for the folder and files inside it? As for as my knowledge is concerned the command "ct diff -pred" does not do recursive diff for the folder and files. It does only to a particular file or folder.
Is there a way to achieve this?

Basically I want to recursively perform diff to the present directory and its files and folders inside it and put the output result in the text file.
Can anybody suggest me the workaround and how to start?

This is regarding SVN branching strategy- What is harm in deleting trunk and copying branch to trunk to reflect production code which was delivered from Branch.

It is known that history on trunk will be lost however history on the repository still exist and any file at any revision can be recovered. So what would be issues with deleting trunk and recreating trunk from branch.

Can somebody tell me who uses Harvest? What corporations? I know AT&T, K-Mart use it.


Dear all,

I would like to know the most popularly used Change management tools (both Open Source as well as Proprietary). It will be helpful if you could briefly outline the difference between these tools. Also, is there any universal tool that can be used for multiple purposes like Change/bug tracking/release etc.,?

Appreciate your response!



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Does anyone have any experiance or heard of anyone integrating BMC Remedy Service Desk with CA-SCM?


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