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Should the FCA be started after system testing or user acceptance testing?  Currently on my project, I start the FCA after system testing and begin the PCA after user acceptance testing.

Hi All,

I am aware of the fact that application servers (both Enterprise and Dev-op tools) can be configured to generate critical data files such as server log files for instance. Data files can also be generated at various levels within an application server. This may vary between different software vendors, but its certainly possible to generate data files in different formats.

There are post transition triggers defined under the lifecycle for state transitions.  

Still will Trig_ui.def and Trig_eng.def be triggered ? When a CR is in entered state i need a mail submission which is not happening.  ANy help ?

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I feel lost now. I have been a SCM consultant with IBM tools for more than 10 years. Now it's all gone.

First, IBM tools are getting out of business. Most of companies moved to the 10 times cheaper and maybe better open source tools such as GIT, TeamCity and JIRA etc. There is no way IBM can compete with them, even with the new RTC. They are just so much cheaper and in today's business, cheaper is what the management want.

Hello ,

I am looking for a SCM solution for managing Production environment configuration .

We are have a complex apllication of iBorders solution which involves 6 components out of which 2 components are in C++ and rest in Java technology.

All application are communication using IBM MQ and intra communication is happening with Active AMQ .

Its a new set-up so I am trying to implement a SCM solution so that I can manage all configurations in version control and some mechanism to control every configuration change,

Within Harvest Release 7 there has been a table harpathfullname. This table does not exist anymore in Release 12. How can I list all items of a package iuncluding the full patth name within the repository


In CM Synergy,I tried to convert an existing directory into a subproject.But I am receiving this error.

the name has been used in several projects,but the name has to be retained same as per requirement.



I am getting error "Project already exists and the multiple local project instances option is disabled" while creating a subproject in CM Synergy


What would be the challenges in the SCM implementation.

I am doing a cleanup of  a projects unorganized configuration of their software product(s).  I am working very closely with software/hardware quality.  They recommended I look at the requirements for the products.  I don't have a problem looking at them but I just don't want the project to think I will eventually be responsible with ensurinig their software is meeting their requirments.  What if any level of responsibilty should I set to review or be familiar with their requirments?


Lets say our team wants to push a perl script to production asap. The developer has committed the code in subversion. Now how does this reach the build person? Do you use any modern tools for requesting/approval process for the release. Right now we are using our own system developed using perl/cgi which scans for the new commits and displays it so that dev can choose the file with the version and request a code release.

I can't find anything anymore on this site and from other comments, I'm not the only one. When will you bring back the forums? If you won't then you've lost another person.

I've re-read through the couple of questions that cover this before and thought a new one was in order. It's been over a year now and nothing's been visible. We've been told it's been discussed and has been in "sprints" and that every intention is to bring them back, but nothing has manifested itself on this site. I've also been told that we can have access to the old forums , if we ask, and I did and still nothing to search by. Based on the number of answers given in the Q&A section, I think most users have abandoned the site. I hope you can re-build it into what it once was. 


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