Is Your Project Doomed from the Start?

Lisa Calkins

When we think of planning, we often think about requirements planning. We get the initial features and functions down, and then see where agile takes us. Lisa Calkins claims that less than a third of software development projects are successful. Regarding this lack of success, process experts focus on the lack of planning early in the project. However, Lisa believes that all too often teams jump directly from “idea” to “feature sets” without any long-term product or business strategy. Software projects should be value-driven rather than focused on specific requirements or features that may or may not deliver on the initial promise of a project. Join Lisa as she shares a simple five-step process to help ensure successful software development—identify the primary business value to be achieved, discover a process to achieve this value, create a set of design features that will achieve this value, determine the criteria to evaluate project success, and measure the success against those criteria. Get developers and business leaders thinking about planning the value of a project—before building it.

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