You'll Be Surprised by the Things Testers Miss

James Lyndsay, Workroom Productions

Why do some bugs lie undetected until live operation of the software and then almost immediately bite us? Drawing on instances of problems that were obvious in production--but missed or nearly missed in testing, James Lyndsay can help you catch more bugs starting the day you return to work. James first describes bugs not found because too little time is spent on testing. Then, looking at the testers' knowledge, he discusses bugs missed because of requirements issues or because testers did not understand the underlying technology's potential for failure. In the most substantial part of the session, James looks at bugs missed because they could not be observed or because testers skimmed over the issue. Learn to recognize each type of testing problem and discover ways to mitigate or eliminate it.

  • Coding errors that are hard to spot with typical test
  • Working with emergent behaviors and unexpected risks
  • What to do with bugs that should have been found earlier

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