You Only Have to Change One Thing to Make DevOps Work: Everything

Ken Mugrage

We’re told that adopting DevOps can have all sorts of benefits, but many organizations are not getting the results they hoped for. The term “DevOps” has been co-opted to mean anything from tools to a job title. Without an understanding of what DevOps is really all about, success is elusive. In this session, Ken Mugrage presents DevOps as an overhaul to existing software development organizations and processes. He talks about organizational structures that enable team members to take full advantage of the automation and visibility gained with a DevOps-enabled culture. Ken will then discuss evolutionary software architectures and platforms to enable continuous delivery, as well as how to make your CD pipeline available to all parts of your organization. You will leave with an understanding of what DevOps really means and how to begin your journey. You will take home tips and techniques for helping you deliver better software, faster.

About the Presenter

ThoughtWorks’ technology evangelist Ken Mugrage focuses on providing education on DevOps and continuous delivery. He began his IT career in the early 1990s as a system administrator for Seattle’s first internet service provider. Ken went on to form his own web development company in 1994, creating some of the first data-driven websites anywhere. During the next twenty years, he held almost every position in a software development organization—from developer to director of a global engineering team. With his extensive experience Ken has consulted with top companies on applying the right technical solutions to business problems.

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