World Quality Report: Trends in Technology, Organization and Outsourcing

Charlie Li, Capgemini

Most businesses rely totally on complex computer software applications to run their operations. As one approach to mitigating the risk of costly production failures, many organizations are spending more and more on testing. To understand the trends in software testing and to gauge the impact of these trends on application quality, Capgemini recently conducted a survey of 150 testing organizations and combined the results with test assessment results from more than one-hundred organizations. Together, these findings provide a unique perspective on the current QA/testing challenges and practices facing many organizations. Employing the information in Capgemini’s World Quality Report can help you answer questions about the value of testing to your business. Learn whether or not increased spending on testing has a positive correlation to software quality and how to determine if application quality is actually getting better with more testing. Use this data to guide your QA/testing efforts in these challenging times.

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