Working with Anxiety: From Personal Weakness to Career Strength

Julene Johnson

Each of us has personal weaknesses that are often perceived to have negative impacts on performance and capability in the workplace. When this weakness is prominent to yourself or others, are you capable of benefiting IT teams and qualified to do the job? In dealing with negative impacts of her Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Julene Johnson falls into this category and has experienced personal doubt in her ability to perform her job well. Over time, however, she’s noticed that habits and techniques developed while dealing with anxiety can be applied in a manner that improves her life and her career and gives confidence to others in her capabilities. Similarly, skills and abilities gained while working as a tester have helped her build successful patterns in her life to help her manage anxiety more effectively. Join Julene as she shares personal experiences that demonstrate how you can turn personal weaknesses into career strengths and not just benefit your life but celebrate that each team member has something unique to give and to learn.


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About the Presenter

Julene Johnson is a Senior Quality Assurance Specialist at Lucid Software Inc. She spent four years prior to joining Lucid studying molecular biology, and approximately a year of that time working in labs. After graduating, Julene decided to take her experience testing and apply it to a different field. She has found a love for testing software during her four years in the field of Quality Assurance and has seen improvement in her personal and professional life through her own experiences and a willingness to learn from those around her. Last year, she had the opportunity to speak at a conference where she shared what her experience has taught her.

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