When Continuous Improvement Feels Like Constantly Failing – An Introduction to Design Thinking

Catherine Louis

Do your Retrospectives feel like a repeat of the last one? Are they moan and groan sessions? Want to try something new to give your team a boost? When design principles are applied to strategy and innovation, the success rate for innovation dramatically improves. Great design has that “wow” factor that makes products more desirable and services more appealing to users. Why not try using known design principles during your retrospectives to get that "wow" factor for your teams! In this session Catherine Louis will provide a Design Thinking overview. You’ll roll up your sleeves up and try it. You will learn how to Empathize with your team's issues, how to Define a point of view, construct a challenge, Ideate towards Prototyping and Test a retrospective solution. We will move from problem space to prototyping in one super-duper hands-on Design Thinking retro session. You will discover that the moan and groan retrospective is now a refreshing, super-duper creative retrospective by using the Design Thinking framework. One where the entire team engages and take ownership of their own continuous improvement. Wow!

About the Presenter

A Certified Scrum Trainer™, independent agile coach, and founder of CLL-Group and PoDojo.com, Catherine Louis has more than twenty years of experience in complex product development. Catherine’s focus is on product discovery and delivery—using design thinking, agile methods, and agile R&D—and managing organizational agile transitions to build speed and flexibility in business. Her specialty is accelerating innovation by enabling agile transitions. Catherine helps small start-ups as well as large enterprises inspect and adapt, evolve and improve, accelerate delivery, and delight their customers.

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