Weathering the Storm: Navigating Through Resource Constrained Waters

Payson Hall, Catalysis Group Inc

An economic storm is upon us, with rough waters, dark skies, and hard choices on the horizon. Have you taken action to prepare your projects for challenges when "business as usual" seems a likely recipe for disaster? Payson Hall identifies proactive steps for software project managers and sponsoring executives to prepare their projects and portfolios for increasingly resource constrained times. Learn what status information a project manager should have immediately available, what criteria portfolio managers can use to pare down their fleet of projects, how they can work together to prepare for further turbulence, and what you can do to sustain the productivity of your crew. Find out how risk profiles are likely to change, what new risks may emerge, and what you can do to stay afloat through it all. Payson reviews often overlooked opportunities to use adversity to focus on business decisions that streamline project operations, deliver value, and strengthen your organization to ride out the storm.

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