Video: Producing Product Developers

David Hussman, DevJam

Many teams and organizations have found agile methods help them produce more. Where critical thinking is alive, a more important question arises: Are we producing the right thing? Even though agile tools and processes have helped produce more, they often fail to help us produce the right product, change our focus to product over process, or improve product learning. David Hussman draws on his successful coaching experience in producing product developers and describes tools and techniques for building teams that value product ownership, product discovery, and product learning based on agile and lean delivery practices. David introduces ideas in three areas: 1) Getting Started―forming product centered teams, building product roadmaps; 2) Getting Productive―using agile methods to validate product learning, illuminate uncertainty, and pivot toward the most real value; and 3) Staying Productive―comparing leading indicators to lagging indicators, developing customers iteratively, restructuring teams to meet product needs, and working with people often deemed “outside the team.” Show up ready to question and challenge your status quo—and learn how to improve your future.

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