Using Agile to Increase Value in Lean Times

Richard Leavitt, Rally Software Development

The proof is now in, and it shows that implementing agile is the best way to get critical, revenue-generating applications to market faster and at less cost. How much money and how many jobs could your organization save? Richard Leavitt and Michel Mah document the financial returns agile project teams are experiencing compared to their traditional counterparts and provide you with a business case toolkit for your senior executives considering agile practices. Rally Software Development commissioned research firm QSM Associates to benchmark twenty-nine agile development projects against their database of 7,500 software projects. The Agile Impact Report compares the performance of agile development projects against plan-driven and waterfall industry averages for time-to-market, productivity, and quality. Receive free access to an online toolkit of ROI calculators and the full study to quickly estimate the cost savings agile development can bring to your company.

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