User Stories from MONOPOLY: Complex Rules, Random Events, and Twisted Exceptions

Robert Sabourin,

Agile developers often face the difficult task of defining user stories from business rules for complex applications-medical, embedded, insurance, banking applications, etc. In his consulting practice, Rob Sabourin helps teams elicit and describe stories for thorny business rules, multi-path conditions, time/event triggered activities, awkward dynamics, special cases, unusual constraints, exceptions, and non-functional characteristics. Using the popular board game MONOPOLY as a metaphor, Rob shows you how to develop user stories that focus development in different business contexts. He models MONOPOLY stories around personas-the little token players move around the board. If you land on Boardwalk’s hotel after rolling a third double, you Go to Jail rent free. Rent is not owed unless requested and is exempt if the landlord procrastinates. Learn how to construct graceful agile stories from even the most complex real-world business rules to ensure you’ll always collect $200 when passing Go and Get Out of Jail free every time.

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