User Community Modeling Language (UCML) for Performance Testing Workloads

Scott Barber, Authentec

Performance testers use various methods to describe user workloads-scenarios, operational profiles, and more. Understanding these workloads and accurately simulating them is one key to developing useful performance tests. Scott Barber introduces a User Community Modeling Language (UCML) that he has used to describe and effectively communicate user workloads. With an interactive example, he shows the usage pattern of a sample application and builds a UCML diagram and supporting information to represent usage in an intuitive, easy-to-understand way. See how you can employ the User Community Modeling Language to supplement your existing workload distributions.

  • Value of representing workload distributions visually for performance testing
  • How to create and use UCML diagrams to aid in data gathering in your organization
  • Ways to supplement UCML diagrams for accurate representative performance test scripts

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