User Acceptance Testing in the Testing Center of Excellence

Deepika Mamnani, Capgemini

Centralization of testing services into a testing center of excellence (TCoE) for system testing is common in IT shops today. To make this transformation mature, the next logical step is to incorporate the user acceptance testing (UAT) function into the TCoE. This poses unique challenges for the TCoE and mandates the testing team develop a combination of business process knowledge coupled with technology and test process expertise. Deepika Mamnani shares her experiences in implementing a UAT TCoE and best practices—from inception to planning to execution. Learn techniques to create business-oriented testable requirements, strategies to size and structure the team, and the role of automation. Review testing metrics needed to measure the success of the UAT function. Hear a real-world transformation journey and the quantitative business benefits achieved by an organization incorporating UAT as a centralized function within the TCoE. Take back strategies to incorporate UAT as a part of your TCoE.

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