Use Mind Maps to Increase Team Velocity and Communication

Jennifer Bonine

Ever sit in a strategy review session and get little or no participation from others? Or feel like you left a planning session with a different understanding of what was agreed to? If you feel there must be a more effective way to communicate important information around your strategy and plans and you want a better way to document it so your stakeholders will both understand and engage in providing useful feedback, Jennifer Bonine has a solution for you. Join Jennifer as she describes mind mapping tools and techniques and explore how mind maps can help increase team velocity and communication. Download—on your tablet, phone, or laptop—a free mind mapping tool to try, learn how to use the tool, take a real-life problem and solve it using the tool, and discuss the benefits of mind maps for solving problems and communicating information inside your teams and organizations. Take away a working tool to improve velocity in your sprints, development cycles, and planning sessions.

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