Use Layered Model-Based Requirements to Achieve Continuous Testing

Alex Martins

Requirements, test cases, and test data are still generally designed and created the same way they have been for the past thirty years—despite the evolution of testing techniques and tools. Requirements are still specified through written natural language, which leads to ambiguity and poor testability. Test cases are manually designed and are built on incomplete requirements. Test automation requires a human being to first manually create the automation scripts, which then have to be manually maintained sprint after sprint. Alex Martins shares how he helps organizations truly shift-left by using multilayered visual models and CAD-like (computer-aided design) technology to specify requirements such that ambiguity is inherently removed. With unambiguous and complete requirements, developers introduce fewer defects into their code and manual test cases. Join Alex to see how automated test scripts and their required test data can be generated automatically based on the requirements—without manual intervention.

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