Use DevOps Principles to Transform Culture

Ashley Hunsberger

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At the heart of DevOps is the idea that organizations break down silos and teams work together to innovate faster, reducing the length of feedback loops and delivering value faster. Ashley Hunsberger describes how Blackboard is using DevOps principles—collaborative practices, iterative improvements, incremental testing, and more—to transform their development culture so everyone owns quality. Big change does not happen overnight, so they learned to make smaller changes that support the overall vision. Join Ashley as she lays the groundwork for iterative and continuous improvement through a defined mission and specific goals. Ashley explores how cross-team collaboration broke down silos and helped align team members with the necessary skills to meet their quality goals. One key to their success was recognizing that we cannot test everything—even if we want to. Instead of a huge, unmanageable test suite, they implemented an incremental testing approach which teams can own and successfully maintain. Ashley shares examples of how to implement a continuous delivery pipeline, illustrating the reduced feedback loops that led to better, faster software delivery. Ashley reports, “Now that we’ve seen the way of DevOps, we don’t want to go back.”

About the Presenter

Ashley Hunsberger is a product quality architect at Blackboard, Inc., a provider of educational technology. Using DevOps principles, Ashley has enjoyed being a change agent, helping to provide the tools, processes, and support that enable development teams to deliver software while meeting high quality standards. Ashley is passionate about building communities of interest and practice that provide safe places to experiment and learn from failure. An advocate for diversity and inclusion in tech, she loves to give back to the communities that have helped her become who she is and volunteers her time to help coordinate the Selenium Conference. On Twitter Ashley shares her musings on her experiences in testing—and beyond.

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