UI Framework Prototyping with Playgrounds for iOS Apps

Ellen Shapiro

Frameworks are a powerful tool for sharing code between applications and extensions. Playgrounds are an awesome tool for quickly trying out code in Swift. Keeping a tight feedback loop with designers can be difficult. So, how can you combine the powerful and the awesome to help keep your feedback loop with design as tight as possible? Use UI Frameworks in Playgrounds! Learn how to build a UI-only framework, and then use it in a Playground. See how you can tempt your designers to the dark side of installing Xcode and tweaking values themselves. Ellen Shapiro discusses how she used this technique at SpotHero to speed up their 2017 redesign. Leave with tools to build a powerful framework, knowledge of how to make Playgrounds play nice with frameworks, and ideas for how your development and design teams can use these tools and techniques to power up your iOS app's UI.

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