Tune Agile Test Strategies to Project and Product Maturity

Anna Royzman, Liquidnet Holdings, Inc.

For optimum results, you need to tune agile project's test strategies to fit the different stages of project and product maturity. Testing tasks and activities should be lean enough to avoid unnecessary bottlenecks and robust enough to meet your testing goals. Exploring what "quality" means for various stakeholder groups, Anna Royzman describes testing methods and styles that fit best along the maturity continuum. Anna shares her insights on strategic ways to use test automation, when and how to leverage exploratory testing as a team activity, ways to prepare for live pilots and demos of the real product, approaches to refine test coverage based on customer feedback, and techniques for designing a production "safety net" suite of automated tests. Leave with a better understanding of how to satisfy your stakeholders’ needs for quality-and a roadmap for tuning your agile test strategies.

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