Tricks and Tips for Adding Localization Features to Your Mobile Apps

Shawn Larson

The fact that 60 percent of all iPhone users worldwide are non-native English speakers is just one reason for supporting people from many countries and regions in your apps. Even if multi-language applications are not called for, localization features for single language apps will improve usability and acceptance from users across many cultures and geographic areas. Using an English-only iOS application from Nordstrom as an example, Shawn Larson shows you how with little effort you can add international support to your applications. He walks you through implementing code to take advantage of foundation classes and their associated matters to help you deal easily with international support issues like decimal, thousands separator, sorting, quotes, beginning and ending characters, date-time formats, calendars, name order, and more. Join Shawn, an IoS developer at Nordstrom, to see how easy it is to add international support that is much more than adding translating strings to text fields. 

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