Trends, Innovations and Blind Alleys in Performance Testing

Scott Barber, PerTestPlus, and Ross Collard, Collard & Company

Join experts Scott Barber and Ross Collard for a lively discussion/debate on leading edge performance testing tools and methods. Do you agree with Scott that performance testing is poised for a great leap forward or with Ross who believes that these "silver bullets" will not make much difference in resolving the difficulties performance testing poses? Scott and Ross will square off on topics including commercial vs. open source tools; compatibility and integration of test and live environments; design for performance testability; early performance testing during design; test case reuse; test load design; statistical methods; knowledge and skills of performance testers; predicting operational behavior and scalability limits; and much more. Deepen your understanding of the new technology in performance testing, the promises, and the limitations.

  • The latest tools and methods for performance testing
  • Opportunities and limitations for performance testing complex systems
  • Compare the effectiveness of your performance testing to others

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