A Toolkit for Assessing SOA Readiness

Jerry Smith, Symphony Services

Before charging "full speed ahead" into the land of service-oriented architecture (SOA), you need help to ensure success and mitigate the risks inherent in such major systems changes. Jerry Smith provides proven tools for assessing SOA readiness and outlines the essential steps to implementing SOA. Jerry presents reference SOA architectures that demonstrate solid standards and specifications to compare with your implementation plans. He introduces an SOA Maturity Model to help you understand your current organizational and technological state. The SOA Maturity Model is a communications tool that outlines how the organization’s SOA implementation will evolve along both business and technical lines. Jerry outlines the various stages the model entails and how to apply it so that technical and organizational changes are easily coordinated across the enterprise. With this new toolkit in hand, you can deliver a clear action plan to drive the improvements only SOA makes possible.

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