Mobile Dev + Test 2015: Tips and Tricks for Building Secure Mobile Apps

Jeffery Payne, Coveros, Inc.

Mobile application development is now a mission-critical component of IT organizations and a big part of software industry’s landscape. Due to the security threats associated with mobile devices, it is critical we build our apps—from the ground up—to be secure and trustworthy. However, many application developers and testers do not understand how to build and test secure mobile applications. Jeffery Payne discusses the risks associated with mobile platforms/applications and describes proven practices for ensuring the safety of your mobile applications. Jeffery delves into the unique nuances of mobile platforms and how these differences impact the security approach when you are developing and testing mobile applications. Topics include session management, data encryption, securing legacy code, and platform security models. Learn what to watch out for when you start developing your next mobile app and take away tips and tricks for effectively securing and testing existing apps.

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