Threads, Queues, and More: Async Programming in iOS

Joe Keeley

To keep your iOS app running butter-smooth at 60 frames per second, Apple recommends doing as many tasks as possible asynchronously or “off the main thread.” Joe Keeley introduces you to some basic concepts of asynchronous programming in iOS. He discusses what threads and queues are, how they are related, and the special significance of the main queue to iOS. Look at what options are available in the iOS SDK to work asynchronously, including NSOperationQueues and Grand Central Dispatch. Take an in depth look at how to implement some common use cases for those options in Swift. Joe pays special attention to networking, one of the most common asynchronous use cases. Spend some time discussing common asynchronous programming pitfalls—and how to avoid them. Leave this session ready to try out asynchronous programming in your iOS app. 

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