There's Always Time for Pragmatic Project Planning

Robert Galen, RGCG, LLC

"Plan your work. Work your plan." Or, "Plan? Plan? We don't need no stinkin' plan." Which is the best approach for your software project? According to Robert Galen, neither is the right answer. Because software projects are expensive and challenging, you need a pragmatic project plan-one that is concise, targeted, useful, used, and adaptive. Beginning with a chartering process that leads to a high level project strategy, stakeholders determine the critical success factors and where to focus their planning activities. Robert describes the use of "Sticky Note Planning" workshops to develop and, more importantly, to maintain pragmatic plans as living documents. Learn from Robert what to monitor in your project, what milestones to set, and what the important drivers should be for adjusting the plan. Make planning one of the top contributors to the success of your project.

  • What should-and should not-go into a pragmatic software project plan
  • How to create and maintain a plan that actively guides the work
  • Introduction to "Sticky Note Planning as a general purpose planning method

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