Testing in Turbulent Projects

Robert Sabourin, AmiBug.com Inc

Turbulent weather such as tornados is characterized by chaotic, random, and often surprising and powerful pattern changes. Similarly, turbulent software projects are characterized by chaotic, seemingly random project changes that happen unexpectedly and with force. Dealing with turbulence is about dealing with change. Testing teams must contend with continuously changing project requirements, design, team members, business goals, technologies, and organizational structures. Test managers and leaders should not just react to change; instead, they need to learn how to read the warning signs of coming change and seek to discover the source of impending changes. Rob Sabourin shares his experiences organizing projects for testing in highly turbulent situations. Learn how to identify context drivers and establish active context listeners in your organization. Explore test strategies-test triage, just-in-time testing, exploratory testing, and session-based testing-to help you avoid wasted effort and get things done within a project tornado. This class is presented in a highly interactive style. Warning! Those sitting in the front rows may get wet.

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