Testing RESTful Web Services

Hilary Weaver-Robb

A lot of folks doing testing (QAs, BAs, and Devs alike) are experienced with testing applications through the front end—a graphical user interface or a mobile app. However, Hilary Weaver-Robb says that with this type of testing we often miss the internal web services and APIs that power those applications. Integration or web service tests are right in the middle of the Testing Pyramid, so to ensure adequate coverage it’s vital for testers to know how to test at that level. Thankfully, to test web services we can apply many of the same principles we already know. Hilary focuses on RESTful web services, though what she covers is applicable to non-RESTful web services as well. Learn what RESTful services are and why you should care, how and why to do functional and exploratory testing, and how to automate some tests. Take away the understanding, resources, tools, and techniques needed to test and write automation for web services—RESTful or not.

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