Testing Is the Profession I Chose

Jyothi Rangaiah

Never underestimate the power of sharing the testing team’s achievements, lessons learned, challenges faced, roadblocks encountered, and the enriching solutions found. Jyothi Rangaiah says as testers we must be ready to nurture the needs of testing and testers in the organizations we serve. Only people, learning every day and questioning the norm, can and will move testing forward. Getting into this learning mode requires awareness of the need to improve. Jyothi discusses the importance of sharing the testing team’s everyday challenges and achievements with all involved. One person who cares for the quality of testing often can change the perception of testing in an organization. The internal corporate social networking site can be a good start to spread awareness and knowledge about testing. To test better, encourage and uphold the ways that are already beneficial. Network with the interested and the influential, and help each other understand the current state of affairs of testing.

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