Testing the Next Generation of Technologies: IoT, Mobile, and Cloud … Oh My!

Costa Avradopoulos

Testing technology, tools, and methods are always playing catch up with the latest—and the next greatest—consumer and business applications and software-intensive products. Now with IoT, mobile, and the cloud, almost EVERY new product has a software testing aspect. Costa Avradopoulos explores the bewildering challenges and recent trends in testing IoT, mobile, and cloud applications. He outlines the necessary elements of test strategy for each of these technologies: building a test lab, test coverage, test data, test management, tools, and automation. Bringing it all together with a practical example, Costa walks you through a recent, large project Fortune 500 company case study that entailed a mobile enterprise app, an IoT solution for embedded devices, and a cloud-based application for dashboards and analytics. Learn about their real project challenges and how they addressed nuances of IoT, mobile, cloud for testing. Take back a blueprint with sample frameworks and methodologies for designing a world-class, multi-technology test environment.

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