Testing in a Microservices and Continuous Delivery Environment

Robert Williams

The combination of microservice architectures and continuous delivery (CD) create a difficult scenario for integration and release testing. Even though microservices often introduce a huge number of integrations and transitive dependencies, testing still must be completed quickly to keep the pipeline flowing smoothly. Robert Williams surveys the techniques and tools available today for testing one or more microservices against a mix of real and virtualized dependencies in various stages of the CD pipeline. He explores structured testing around multiple versions of those services and their dependencies. Robert demonstrates semantic versioning and a console for traffic shaping so you can specify a range of versions of microservice dependencies and automatically test the candidate service against a range of real or virtualized dependencies. Don’t let downstream services failures cascade and impact other services with no clear dependency on the original, failing one.

About the Presenter

Robert Williams has been in the software development business for twenty years, in fields ranging from semiconductor manufacturing automation and reporting systems to mobile security solutions to the market's leading service virtualization product. He has experience building, testing, and deploying software in multiple scenarios, whether it's an infrequently deployed internal system, a commercial product installed by customers on-premise, or multi-tenant hosted solutions. Robert has been a developer, manager, ScrumMaster, architect, and agile trainer/coach, but for the past decade he’s been keenly interested in tools and techniques that improve organizations’ ability to smoothly turn ideas into functioning, deployed software.

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