Testing Lessons from Classic Fairy Tales

Robert Sabourin, AmiBug.com, Inc.

Once upon a time, in testing conferences not so long ago, Rob Sabourin presented useful testing lessons from the most unlikely sources: the Looney Tunes gang, the Great Detectives, Dr. Seuss, Hollywood movies, the game of baseball, Monty Python, labor and delivery nursing, and the Simpsons. Now he turns his attention to lessons from classic fairy tales, those timeless fables designed to entertain and teach simple moral truths to children that also have important lessons for testers. What can the Three Pigs teach us about contingency planning? Can Mother Goose teach us to be great test leads? Can testers get the message across without crying wolf and live to tell the tale? What does Red Riding Hood teach us about critical thinking? Can we learn fundamental test design approaches from Goldilocks and the Three Bears? Were Hansel and Gretle test driven developers? Rob takes us through the realm of fairy tales, discovering wonderful, practical, and simple testing lessons that you can apply right away.

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