Testing the Internet of Everything

Paul Gerrard

Beyond the publicity and hype about the Internet of Things (IoT), a new term is emerging—the Internet of Everything (IoE). What are people talking about? Should you be interested? What does it mean to testers and development? Paul Gerrard shares his perspective on the scale, variety, ubiquity, complexity, and challenge of this technological wave that many believe will dominate our industry into the next decade. Right now, the IoT/IoE is very confusing. Although standards are emerging, many commercial applications are bleeding edge, speculative, or exploratory. While security and privacy concerns dominate the discussion today, significant functional, user experience, integration, and complexity challenges await us. The IoE brings broader societal risks that must be addressed by organizations, individuals, and their governments. Paul presents a seven-layer architectural model to help you make sense of it all. Take back a set of key questions you need to ask and recommendations for formulating your test strategy for the Internet of Everything.

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