Testing the Client and the Cloud

Ken Johnston, Microsoft Corporation

Today, a large portion of computing is moving off the desktop, out of the organization, and into the cloud. Services such as SalesForce.com, Microsoft's Online Businesses, and Oracle's On Demand provide both IT and line-of-business application support outside the corporate IT infrastructure. Amazon.com's S3 service and Microsoft's Azure platform provide cloud infrastructures while Google Apps and Star Office are attempting to supplant the classic desktop applications. With this technology shift, the techniques, tools, and even the role of testing are rapidly evolving. Ken Johnston describes the keys to testing success with software and systems that have migrated to the cloud. Ken describes efficient ways to test service infrastructures, the intersection of test automation with monitoring, and the challenges of testing while systems are in production. Hear practical examples of challenges Microsoft and its partners are dealing with to improve product quality while simultaneously changing the paradigms for software delivery.

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