Testing Applications—For the Cloud and in the Cloud

Allan Wagner, IBM

As organizations adopt a DevOps approach to software development, they work to shorten test cycles, begin testing earlier, and test continuously. However, one challenge still remains―the unavailability of complete and realistic production-like test environments. Technologies like service virtualization help, but there comes a time when you need additional computing resources to deploy and test the application. Today's cloud technology allows teams to spin up test labs on demand. Join Al Wagner as he describes the various clouds―public, private, and hybrid―and the cloud services available today. By combining the cloud with service virtualization, teams can now test applications end-to-end much earlier in the delivery lifecycle. Learn how teams can use today’s SaaS offerings, deployed on cloud technology, to manage their test effort and drive test execution. Explore how you can use clouds throughout the delivery lifecycle as your organization works to migrate and virtualize legacy applications. Take testing to a new level and test with greater efficiency―in the cloud.

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