Test Then Code with Agile Inspections

Richard Durham, Citrix Systems Ltd

It is well known that the earlier in the development lifecycle a fault is found, the less costly it is to resolve. Whether you use traditional or agile development practices, you have an opportunity to implement Agile Inspections for finding faults before the code is even written. An Agile Inspection is a lightweight process that brings the skills and outlook of professional testers into the design of software. A good precursor to formal test planning, an Agile Inspection is a way to inform developers-in a way that makes sense to them-of how you are going to test. It offers the best chance to increase the testability of software at the lowest cost. Find out from Richard Durham the prerequisites for adopting Agile Inspections, what to look for in an inspection, how to communicate findings, and approaches to encourage buy-in from management and developers.

  • How an Agile Inspection differs from a regular inspection or review
  • The cost and the benefits of Agile Inspections
  • Techniques to use when conducting an Agile Inspection

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