Test Process Improvement with the TMMi® Model

Erik Veenendaal, Improve Quality Services BV

The Test Maturity Model integration® (TMMi®) model, developed to complement the CMMI® framework, is rapidly becoming the test process improvement model of choice in Europe, Asia, and the US. Erik van Veenendaal, one of the developers of TMMi, describes the model’s five maturity levels-Initial, Managed, Defined, Management and Measurement, and Optimization-and the key testing practices required at each level. The model’s definition of maturity levels provides the basis for standardized TMMi assessments and certification, enabling companies to consistently deploy testing practices and collect industry metrics. The benefits of using the TMMi model include an improvement of testing methods, reduction in costs, and improved product quality. Based on his experiences with TMMi, Erik describes the critical success factors for your test process improvement efforts and provides the information you need to justify and establish a TMMi test process improvement project. ® TMMi is the registered trademark of the TMMi Foundation.

® CMMI is registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office by Carnegie Mellon University.

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